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How I see my favorite city Barcelona as a resident and host (Marc St.)

I can consider myself lucky to live in Barcelona, especially since many people envy me and would like to visit this great city. You are invited to get to know my city and me.

We have extraordinary architecture such as La Sagrada Famillia or the Barri Gotic, as well as the stunning beach setting that makes our very green area of the city so desirable as a travel destination. However, I can say that there is so much more to see - totally apart from a typical visit to my city of Barcelona.

Precisely because Barcelona loves its tourists so much and we can't wait to see you here after the crisis.

The secret to experiencing the 'other' Barcelona, apart from or in addition to the really nice tourist attractions, is being able to conquer the city from and with the locals.

Although Spanish is the mother tongue, English is spoken among all tourists, including younger generations. Maybe not necessarily among the "older ones", the taxi drivers and in the kiosks. Fortunately, there are language and translation apps for this. Basically, nothing stands in the way of an understanding.

I live in the heart of the city of Barcelona, where it is often not far to experience the everyday life of my neighborhood and the beauty of the city. All I have to do is go to the balcony to see the magnificent sunrises. Even the friendly "Buenos Dias" can be heard everywhere. So relaxing.

My day begins with visiting my baker, who has been around for 6 generations. There are wonderful bread products here that you may never get again. Just so delicious and truly unique.

However, when I first start talking about the rest of the culinary offer of the Catalans and the Spaniards, which does not only consist of tappas and sagrina, then you have to be prepared to pay less attention to your waistline if necessary. Yes, I would say so. But it also has the advantage that you can dress up well and new in Barcelona, as Spanish fashion is definitely more than trendy. Everything has 2 sides.

There are a few places and shops that I also like to visit in my free time and during my breaks. There are some great coffee shops and other "hidden" spots that I'd like to briefly mention.

There was a time when many coffee houses were terrible unless you knew where to go. But at the moment there are always better small cafes that also show the full range of good coffee taste.

For example, the "Cafes El Magnifico" in the Gothic part of the city. Enchantingly beautiful. Or the coffee house chain "Nomad" offers great seats and coffee throughout the city. Really good.

The coffee idea is supplemented by the annual "Independent Barcolna Coffee Festival" and "CoLab", where all connoisseurs get their money's worth. Check it out beforehand with your appointment calendar and maybe you will visit one of these events.

Our nightlife is also just great, especially away from the tourist stream. Some are familiar to everyone - such as Pacha Barcelona, which is right off Barceloneta Beach and attracts regular dance/disco lovers. Every Friday, however, there are electro beats at their finest, where many well-known DJs have stood and still stand at the turntables. As I said, Fridays!

The "other" and certainly equally well-known dance palace is the Opium. (Supposedly the best location for EDM in all of Europe). It has a really great outdoor terrace and is completely mixed up with locals and the city's tourists. Here you are cosmopolitan.

If you're wondering what's the best way to get around the city? Here's just my take on it. Yes, we have all kinds of transportation options such as trams, trains, buses and, of course, taxis. Not always cheap, but well organized.

But the most beautiful impressions are always gained on foot in Barcelona. That's an open secret. You should be careful at night, not necessarily walking alone through the streets that are unfamiliar to you, but gladly in pairs or more. Or with a host in your city.

Speaking of hotels and accommodation, Barcelona has something for everyone, not everything is cheap. But the hospitality is always noticeable. Many of these can be found in my neighborhood between Placa de Catalunya and Placa de Tetuan. Yes, a bit touristy, but also very safe. But check the internet yourself and find your hotel on one of the many good hotel portals with their ratings.

If you want to have an additional experience away from the tourist attractions, where you can meet me and immerse yourself in my little personal world, feel free to use triper - I've only had good experiences here.

So every trip, including yours, is offered a special experience and we might meet up for a coffee or at one of my activities, to which I am always happy to invite you.

Yes, I would be very happy.
Your Marc

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