Hamburg - my view of the pearl in the north (Dirk Bierschwale)

What legendary stories are there about and with Hamburg? After Berlin, Hamburg is currently the most popular city in Germany both at home and abroad. As a city resident, I can understand that.

The reasons for this are the countless attractions and opportunities in Hamburg. For example, as a young man from Hamburg, I go at least once a year to the beautiful Hamburg City Hall with its 647 rooms, which is said to have 1 room more than Buckingham Palace in London. According to legend, a "broom closet".

Hardly in the city center, I find it difficult to decide - Alster or Elbe, both are within walking distance. Well, I choose Hafen City, including the Speicherstadt.

And here is one of the little gems and a tip from me: The "Hamburger Fleetschlösschen". Fantastically beautiful cafe on the edge of the Speicherstadt and the modern Hafen City, where the "Elphi" - yes, as it is affectionately called in Hamburg - the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, can be admired. Just great. Inside and outside. And what is special about it is that as a tourist you can still go to the “Plaza” viewing platform of the building free of charge (as of August 2022), up the longest escalator in Europe.

But one of the real insider tips is a visit to the coffee roastery, also in the Speicherstadt. Coffee - freshly ground, from all over the world and so different. Have you ever had fruit-flavored Ethiopian coffee? Hammer. Really recommend.

At the end of the day you should have a look at the "Hamburger Michel" (St. Michaelis Church) in the interior and if possible also climb the tower. A great view over the city and you will see how big the second largest city in Germany is. You can see the Millerntor from FC St.Pauli, and if the weather is good you can also see the roof of the Volksparkstadion from HSV, the two city clubs that couldn't be more different.

Zur Tradition or a traditional restaurant for "Hamburger Labskaus" is located opposite the main entrance of the Michel, a seafaring dish with beetroot, a herring filet, potatoes and fried eggs - well, that's a matter of taste. Some say "delicious", others "looks like I've eaten before" and I say "not for me".

Then rather a "Franzbrötchen with pumpkin seeds", a yeast pastry, typical of our region.

Now you need some rest for the long night ahead, preferably with an ice cream or beer on the lawn of the "Water Light Games" at Planten & Blomen, a park in the middle of the city between Dammtor and Millerntor, near the Reeperbahn. Recently modernized and free to see and hear as classical music is played in sync with the water fountains. Always at 9:30 p.m. in the summer months. Check Google for that. Something for the romantics among you.

By the way, I met my first wife here. There is now a second.

Oh yes, if you don't want to do all this on foot or if you also want to use the well-developed infrastructure of our public transport, then you should definitely buy the current "9-Euro-Ticket". Here you can use all trains and buses day and night, especially on weekends - completely relaxed and every 10 minutes.

In the evening, night falls over Hamburg, many have previously been to the Hamburg Cathedral (fair, hype) or to a musical in the city. But the real nightlife is on the Reeperbahn with all its bars, pubs, lounges and sex shops, which are now booming.

The sex shop "Boutique Bizarre" for example - a super weird shop where every woman can find her "new boyfriend" in every size and color - at an introductory price.

But where people really sway and where the Hamburg public is often a guest, that is the entire Hans-Albers-Platz with its diverse clubs. "La Paloma", "Die Chute", "Nightstarter" to name just a few and just a few locations for good and danceable music from the 80s, 90s and today. Without any obligation to eat and casual.

My favorite tip is still the bar on top of the “Dancing Towers” called “Clouds”. Top cocktails, "open at the top" in good weather at dizzy heights and the best view over the harbor at night. With a bit of luck, you might spot a prominent guest of the Hanseatic city here and there.

But there is another way - after a night of drinking, many are still hungry for something "ordinary", such as a real schnitzel - the tip here is "Erika's Eck" at the slaughterhouse (Schanzenviertel). This is where all night owls meet to hang out. Prostitutes with their pimps, taxi drivers, scene-goers, students, night shift workers on their break and the butcher in his blood-smeared overalls. Everything fresh, including the blood. Great food for little money. A classic for more than 50 years and that's what it looks like there and is open almost 24 hours a day.

The next day and after a short sleep, treat yourself to a "counter beer" in the Alsterperle (Schwanenwik), where, if you like it, you can even go to the opposite Literaturcafe building, where you can often still be part of great artistic moments how readings can be made with a musical touch. stop culture.

If there is still time before departure, I recommend you: go to the Lange Reihe in/on St. Georg, visit the Cafe "Frau Möller" (Sky TV football pub) or go to house number 71, where the birthplace of "Hans Albers” who was born there in 1891 still exists today.

As a true Hamburg boy, I love my city and am just as happy to be a host at triper, where I have already invited many a traveler to go to the city park or paddle in a rowing boat on the Alster. Relax for 1-2 hours - just the way I like it. And maybe you too?

You can find my invitations under “dirkhh”.
Dirk Bierschwale

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