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Spend Time in London: Tips from a Host (Tim Albertson)

The small, delicious cake with tea in the courtyard garden of a cafe, very close to Buckingham Palace is one of the highlights of a stay in London, which is so typical for England. This also includes Westminster Abbey (place of royal weddings) and the "Red Coats", the guards and officers guard of the monarch Queen Elizabeth II. But there is much more and I am happy to tell you about it.

If you want to find remote and unknown sights of my city of London, you have to be a bit more flexible and plan more time. This also includes getting to grips with the confusing map plan of our "Tube", although it is on
In the end it's a lot easier than it looks. If you ever get stuck, we Londoners are always helpful and can give you lots of tips on how to get from A to B the quickest – whether it's on the double-decker bus or in the "underground". Both a must.

Basically, our well-known sights are quite expensive, but I have to say that. Whether it's Big Ben or the government district or our "London Eye", avoid the expensive pavement there. Alternatively, I would recommend the "Walkie Talkie Sky Garden". From there you have a wonderful view of the London skyline while you drink a cocktail of the best kind. You can eat there too. There are better places and opportunities for that.

But if you want to order a typical English meal then head to one of the many family run restaurants of so many different nationalities - there is something for everyone here. You can also find the best "Bangers and Mash" on almost every corner of downtown London, except in the "Financial District".

As the capital of Great Britain, London is also very steeped in history and offers many opportunities to walk through the entire history of the last centuries. A lot of what makes London special are the old “bridges” and the quarters of the old lanes where “Jack the ripper” once did his mischief. The area around St.Paul Cathedral offers you hardly a greater contrast - on the one hand real, partly bloody history and then not far from it the "Tate Modern" - the museum of modern art, including displays.

If you really want to immerse yourself as a "local", you also have to master the vocabulary of our city. So you don't say "Subway", but "Tube". Or don't say "Excuse me", we say "sorry". The real difference in the food sector: We say "chips" to "French Fries" and "crisps" to "potato chips". Small but crucial differences in language usage.

To practice this, come to charming Hampstead, where I live by the way, where you can get away from the sometimes stressful everyday life in central London. Here you will find the "green lungs" of my city, the Hampstead Heath with so many parks where nature is and can still be nature.

At the same time, my neighborhood is a very colorful neighborhood where you can walk and explore everything on foot. Here many things are just very close to each other and close to the civic happenings, including the excellent shopping paradise of the "High Street". yes, come over

It doesn't have to be the "A-class" fashion of the big labels, but enjoy one of the many small boutiques where you can get top goods for little money at any time. Second-hand is also lived here. You might find your next favorite dress or shirt here.

I would love to be able to show you my little world in London in person. We can walk along the Thames, be your shopper or just have a coffee. I also like to use triper – where I’ve mostly had good experiences so far. If not, it was a maximum of 1-2 hours, where it just didn't fit. And that was always okay.

So come to London and be my guest in Hampstead.
Jenny "Dullme" Davis

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