See Rome Like A Local (Stefano Lollo)

Rome is a really great city and I can't think of a nicer city to live in. I live in one of the oldest cities in Europe, with all its historical monuments and stories that we take for granted. Everything from the Colosseum to the Pantheon with all its museums makes my city of Rome so attractive to so many tourists.

Believe it or not, Rome has a lot more to offer than the typical sights and squares. The small streets and the “trattorias”. And Rome, and all of Italy, is synonymous with great food.

Yes, we Italians can cook really well. And that can be seen and tasted on every corner of our city. Especially in the side streets there are many small restaurants, the cafes that underline the "Dolce Vita" of the food. Just talk to a local Roman on the street and ask him about his "la dritta trattoria".

One of the best areas in Rome is Testaccio, where you will find, among other things, "La Frashnetta di Sandro". A restaurant that has been in the family for countless generations. Every good meal is rounded off with an excellent (red) wine. You will find many local niches here, which, like in every city in the world, can be taken as an indication of good cuisine.

It's not just the food - it's the ambience and also the many small market places in Rome, where you can buy all the fresh ingredients and the country's extraordinary wines directly from the winegrower, without any marketing. Not to mention the many “gelato bars”.

One of the most popular (flea) markets is "Borghetto Flaminio", north of "Piazza del Popolo", where you can bring home not only souvenirs, but also good clothes, antiques and handbags for everyday use and as souvenirs. But be a bit vigilant and don't let yourself be taken over the table - some of the products are not worth their money. That's my tip to you.

Well, that good coffee can be drunk from a "barista" in one of the numerous cafes in Rome is not new. I would be lying. We Italians love all kinds of coffee and drink several cappuccini or something similar every day in a small restaurant. My favorite place is the Antigua Tazza D'Oro. Best specialties, traditionally Italian. And if you want to take that taste home with you, you can take home pounds of freshly roasted coffee beans. The prices are "olalala", but okay.

If you need some relaxation after a long day, do as many Romans do and go to the cinema, the Cinema Farnese cinema, which is still family-run and use one of the balcony seats. There's a bit of a "Romeo and Juliet" feeling here. A well-known park for everyone is also not far away and is called "Giardano degli Aranci" on the top of the Aventine mountain, from where you can even enjoy a great view of Rome.

But these are just a few hints from me. We Italians are considered very hospitable and always look forward to every guest in our city. Many of them also use apps, for example to invite you to a spaghetti bolognese in their own four walls. So do I.

Let's share my table and the "Dolce Vita" and come to Rome.
Stefano Lollo

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