Travel like a local in Stockholm (Stefan Sweden)

First impressions of Stockholm are often trivial, on the mild summer days it's the cobblestone streets that catch the eye, where city dwellers and tourists mingle with complete ease, sitting in the local squares and chatting over breakfast early in the morning. We Scandinavians are very open and full of life. "Easy going" is our middle name.

My personal free time in Stockholm often starts with just strolling through the many small streets with my family and meeting up with friends. The rush and stress in many other big cities is never felt in Stockholm. One could almost think that we are a bit "lagging behind" because of our historical history, almost old-fashioned - but far from it. We have so much to offer here.

I'm even inclined to say it's a must visit Stockholm on a Europe trip as we have so much to offer here. Almost all of us also speak English and make every trip almost language barrier-free.

It doesn't matter whether you come to Stockholm as a business traveler or as a tourist - you won't regret it. I'll give you some ideas and tips about my hometown.

The Vasa Museum, for example, which was built as early as the 17th century and showcases one of the Swedish Navy's largest 'warships' of the time, found after almost 300 years in Stockholm's waters, is a must-go. It is almost intact and a testament to our really very traditional history in Sweden.

In addition to history, of course we also have something for the hip tourist of our city - a great bar and lounge scene that reflects the modern. One of the hot spots (not really an insider tip anymore) is the "Icebar", which is very easy to find in the Nordic C district. A bar that has dedicated itself to the theme of the Arctic and where your blood can freeze to ice - unless you like to drink a vodka in real ice glasses to warm up. Can help.

At night there is plenty of entertainment and nightlife in my tranquil, tranquil town until the early hours of the morning. Completely weird bars open their doors, completely unexpected doors open and absolutely great lounges with the most diverse musical tastes open. There is something for everyone.

I prefer to go to the "Trädgärden by Skanstull", a house with 2 floors, where you can listen to great electronic music in the different rooms, sometimes with well-known DJs spinning the plates. Often until 5 a.m. and really for everyone. Here you meet me and us Swedes in a chilled atmosphere.

If you like it quieter after a long dance, then I recommend Slakthuset, which has a great and cozy "backyard" that was actually a slaughterhouse. A dance and drink massacre, you could say. Yes, really different.

When the sun rises again and you make your way home to the hotel, just take a look at the many architectural beauties of Stockholm and enjoy the sunrise with a "fika", a delicious pastry for breakfast.

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So I'd be happy to be your host.

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