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entry in our triper lounge and into that triper Book,
Advertising banner, social media, PR interview, sponsorship, backlink, etc.

Our partner basic package
triper lounge

Become a part of the triper lounge, where many (inter)national partners meet that you don't find in the many travel guides or that you don't initially associate with travel.

If you're curious, check it out for yourself  PW: lounge2023.

Our partner basic package has the following contents: 

  • Listing of your service/product in the triper lounge (non-exclusive) with a link to your website (no CPL/CPC) and with embedded logo

  • execution your advertising banner (size and type after booking) on the interactive Community News site, as well as in our users' profiles

  • Construction of a backlinks

  • Hashtag mention as advertising partner/link the website on the well-known social media channels FB, YouTube and Instagram at irregular intervals

  • 1x single entry in the monthly newsletter including a short portrait of your product/service

for 12 months
Euro 490,-
plus VAT / according to terms and conditions
Additional booking 
VIP triper lounge package

in addition to all the services already provided, you can supplementary services book in addition:

  • a 15-20 minute coordinated, slightly "different" PR interview, which is managed via Zoom with our moderator and prepared for later use on all social media channels

  • additional 4x mention  Incl. logo of your company in Footer of the changing landing pages by triper

  • Integration of offline campaigns (Flyer/logo integration) at airports, train stations, central bus stations and trade fairs

The one-time additionale fee for booking the “VIP triper lounge”

for 12 months
Euro 1,150,-
plus VAT
t. / according to terms and conditions
Booking full package
 "triper cockpit"

be here all services already mentioned merged and around the following options added:

  • Integration in the footer of our website generally for a maximum period of 1 year, maximum 5 partners will be placed there

  • Advertising space and PR text in our annual “triper book” (haptic communication tool) and naming as a contact person for a destination/travel location exclusively for initially 1 page in the triper book

  • Logo and domain name on the press wall in a PR interview by and with our moderator

The cost contribution of all the above content

for 12 months
Euro 3,450,-

plus VAT/according to general terms and conditions

All prices are non-binding and can be customized by arrangement (Price, discounts, term, start of delivery, etc.) be adjusted. Any bonus products that our community receives will also affect the final price. 

The agreements have one term of 12 months and don't have to be terminated separately by you, but will expire automatically. See terms and conditions.

Any disadvantages and a possible loss of exclusivity remain unaffected. Generally Of course, all individual agreements lead to a written agreement, which we will then send to you by email.

If you have any general or individual questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail and tell us your phone number. We will then call you back promptly.

Thank you and we wish you continued success.

General information

Target group:
  • singles, couples, Families with children, groups up to 6 people
  • Business travelers and city travellers
  • solvent travelers aged 29 – 65+ with a high affinity for travel
  • strongly interested in cultural and experience exchange

reach and traffic

Our reach is constantly growing,
- National and international - 

A good start done – unique visitors, page impressions and registrations are increasing every month. 

Feel free to ask us any key figures and we put together an individual package that suits everyone involved and we can get started together. 

What our community needs

In order to keep our growing community active and to give the private hosts, who are often idealistic, an appreciation, we will offer any bonuses according to a certain key and an internal point system. 

These bonuses are made available by all our advertising partners after specific agreement on size and frequency. That means we need the following:

  • A attractive extra for our users in the “triper lounge” (Goodies, discount, voucher, present or similar)

  • Advertising banners of various sizes. Exact details (size and shape) will follow here

  • Keywords/Tags, which we include with your listing in the "triper lounge".

  • A short PR text and a specific link to your website

If you have more questions than answers, please send us your contact details by email and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Thanks for your interest
and continued success.

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