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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is triper?

triper is a global network of private contacts connecting traveler with residents of their chosen destinations. This provides the chance for traveler to arrange to meet local people face-to-face for guided or recommended activities (things only locals would know!) – from sports, to museums, architectural monuments, the arts, nightlife or just plain fun!

Do I have to pay anything for attending?

No. Except for those costs for setting up an invitation like buying foods to cook together for example. Those costs might be shared with you, but this is up to your host, who will describe everything in his/her invitation upfront.

How to use triper?

How to add a position to an invitation?

Can I delete an active invitation of mine?

Once you have set up an invitation and none has joined yet, it won’t be a problem to delete your invitation easily on the website. A reason is not urged.

If one or more traveler are already listed to join your invitation it would be fair to communicate directly to your guests promptly.

Is there any rating system?

We’re currently developing a rating system. It we will publish as soon as possible.

Is there an app of triper?

Actually there is no Android/Ios-App done, but in progress. At the moment our website is responsive, so can use it on your smartphone as well.

How does triper benefit and profit of his service?

Our service is to acitivate the latent hospitality worldwide. Therefore we built up this network and plattform, which is gaining everyday.

To keep our general service for free for all user of triper, we are going to have big data after 2 years of services, which we provide anonymously to our strategic partners at that time on request.

As well we are thinking of a premium paid access for having extra goodies, while you are on your trip for example.

But basicly triper is an attitude – the attitude and wish to re-connect with people in real life, to explore different countries and cultures on your trip and at your chosen destination.

We at triper have the belief that our movement and network is just a little tool, but a good step to re-unite open minded people from all over the world.
Herefrom triper is benefiting the most and you can as well.

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