The social movement

network for travelers

triper is the social movement network for travelers from all over the world.

With triper every traveler will have the chance to experience traveling with “the eyes of a local host” – simply and for free.

Wherever you go, Paris, Bangkok, Barcelona, London, Dubai, Berlin, Rome or New York — triper is there with you.

Anywhere and worldwide!

Community doors will open up soon!

How triper works



Search for local hosts by your interests.

All available hosts and offers

will be shown on the map of your choice/destination.

Just click on an offer to make

the first contact with your host.

Easy and quick


Become a host

Be a real-life calling card and invite traveler from all over

the world into your everyday life.


Share your insights and downtime with traveler, who values

your lifestyle.


Make this world better: bring people together.

Be the face of your city and

become a host today.


Watch Bethany and George Johnson´s

video from Michigan/USA

Your benefits

  • Learn to see your destination through different eyes.


  • Enjoy private contacts with local

hosts at your destination.


  • Share and explore life like a local

with your host, while on vacation!


  • Schedule everything upfront before

you travel. Or in real-time, when you

are there.


  • Perfect for singles, couples, small

families and tour groups.


  • Gain a better understanding of

different nations and people.


  • …..and so much more! (features to

be added and upgraded as our site



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*new developments

*features as well as our

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