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Wherever you are – Capetown, Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona or New York triper will find the proper host for you.

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Single, couples, small groups up to 6 persons and business traveler are very welcome. For all of them there something relating to.

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Why triper.one?

triper.one is the social host network for traveler from around the globe and it activates the latent and international hospitality. Become a registered user of the triper community and explore your destination
„thru the eyes of your personal local host“.

And the best is - its absolutely free of costs. Just register today.


As a registered user you have the advantage to optimize your travel adventure at anytime. So you can search for a host, who is providing some sport activities, invites you for a concert or a vernisage. Or just for a nice talk with a local host, having a wine right at the corner next to your place.

Just that easy and totally relaxed. First and foremost absolutely for free.


You are the ambassador of your city/region. Share your some time with traveler from all over the world and show them your view on your daily life and hood. So you make their vacation unforgettable. And remember once you are the host, the very next time you are the traveler and visit someone in return.

Nonbinding and concrete at the same time.


It is totally up to you, where, what and with whom you like to experience your destination. As a registered user you can search on „triper match“ for anykind of invitations. Just join one of the spotted invitation and get in contact with your local host easily.

Budget your trip and find your host upfront. Or just be spontaneus. Its absolutely uncomplicated.

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Voices of our community

Cima (48) from Hamburg/

As a very nosy person in general, who loves to travel individual sometimes, triper has the potential to budget my trip better upfront. As much more people joining this community, the more easy and cosmopolitian will be the international network idea of triper.

Its a wonderful idea and I certainly will triper more often.

Chrishan (48) Bremen/

Als deutschsprachiger Gastgeber meiner Stadt Bremen durfte ich bereits einigen deutschen Touristen meine Lieblingsplätze zeigen und so zu einem besserem Verständnis unter den verschiedenen Kulturen beitragen. Ganz nebenbei haben sich wunderbare Freundschaften entwickelt.

Bisher hat es immer wunderbar gepasst.

So wie ich es mag - alles ganz entspannt, unverbindlich und dennoch konkret.

Yvonne (44) from Saltillo/ Mexico

All mexicans are very hospitable, so I am very glad to meet up with traveler from around the world once a while, here in Monterrey. Lately I had some traveler from Canada and we went out for good mexican food and drinks. Not the places, where the „gringos“ get ripped off. And guess what, they have enjoyed their stay and invited me to do visit them in return soon. Its awesome.

Its great to have triper – I love it mucho.....hahahah.

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