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What is triper


Short and sweet:

triper is that private invitation network by local hosts for (business-) travelers from all over the world. 
In our international travel community you will find individual invitations from a host who would like to share their private everyday life with you for a few hours without financial intentions.

Have you become curious? Then register here absolutely free of charge.
Our hosts in the community are at the same time the ambassadors of their city/region and country - with a lot of empathy and the desire for real intercultural exchange. 

Expect great experiences, concrete exchanges and friendships that can develop here.

Current invitations

What should I do?

All you have to do is request your participation if you like an invitation. So simple and easy.

With a little patience, the host will contact you and send you a friend request, which you only have to accept now.

Now you have the opportunity to exchange the necessary details (meeting point, telephone number, etc.).

Everything to meet either spontaneously on the same day and place. Or to fix an invitation at your destination in advance to optimize your travel plans. 

This is how you experience your individual destination with the “eyes of your host” - whether it's Cape Town, London, Bangkok, Paris or New York.
Our entire network is international designed and is under constant construction.
By the way - the community is too ideal for business travellers suitable, who, after their business appointments, can use their local free time, for example, to go jogging together. There will be something for everyone.
So be there and register fully free as a traveler, host or both on.

Our testimonials

Tequila party in Monterrey

I'm always happy to invite one or two travelers to my hometown of Monterrey (Mexico) via triper. I showed my previous guests from Canada my personal hotspots, where we ended up having a tequila session, among other things. Thanks triper, I'll be paying a return visit to my new friends from Vancouver in the coming days. triper is simple and straightforward. That's how I like it.


Bremen is beautiful

As the German-speaking host of my city of Bremen, I have already been able to show some German tourists my personal neighborhood and everyday life. But since I also lived in Spain for a long time, a better understanding between the different cultures is important to me and I would like to contribute to more exchange. Everything is very relaxed, easygoing and concrete at the same time.


Wanderlust par excellence

Since I am generally a curious person and like to take a look at my vacation spot individually, I have now found triper to be a great way to plan this in advance. My experience so far has been great and I use triper more often.


Become part of the community

Become an ambassador for your city/region and invite travelers from all over the world to your neighborhood at any time
or use triper as a traveler for a special travel experience - free of charge and worldwide.

Our travel blogs

Would you like to live out your literary art of writing as a travel blogger with us? 
You are welcome to blog regularly at triper at any time that you want the world to benefit from and know about from your experiences and adventures. Also increase the reach of your existing blog in general.
Finally, and possibly really interesting for you, is the possible journalistic activity in which You can help shape the content of the annual triper bookCertainly not in vain and also seen in perspective. 
If all of this sounds interesting to you, let me hear from you. We look forward to you.

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