triper is an attitude and attitude – the attitude and unbroken desire to connect with people in real life, to explore different countries and cultures on your journey and at your chosen destination.

We at triper are convinced that our movement and our invitation network is just a small tool, but a good step to bring open-minded people from all over the world back together in a spirit of trust.

That is the spirit of triper - for the better understanding among all participants. At any time.

As a user of triper you can everytime and everywhere are looking for/finding a personal invitation suitable for your destination or as a host expressing your hospitality to travellers. After you like an invitation, you send a request (button) to the host. 

The host now takes a short look at your meaningful profile, preferably with a profile picture and initial information from you, on. If the host likes your profile, they will confirm your request to be a guest with a friend request, which means you can exchange all specific details (location, telephone number, etc.). That's how it is Nothing more in the way of your meeting.

We at triper then contributed our share to a real encounter. The rest is up to you to decide and experience in a concrete and real way. 

We'd love one feedback from you,how to get the invitation went. For example, use our gallery function and upload pictures from your meetings.

To create an invitation only needs a little information about the content, place and date. Gladly supplemented with a photo of your choice. 

Maybe go to the flea market together, play bowling, watch a big sporting event, visit a vernissage and art exhibition, celebrate a concert by a local band or have a BBQ in your garden - these are just examples, like an invitation for about 2-3 hours can look like and you would like to publish.

You are the ambassador of your city/region, whose message is carried into the world by the traveler and thus promotes exchange.

PS: Please consider that you invite private travelers from all over the world into your everyday life. Out of security reasons you should not reveal too much about yourself in the invitation at the beginning, but you can do this later at any time after the invitation has been confirmed to the guest. 

Something can always come up. So life is.

If you have published an invitation and no one has joined yet, it is not a problem to simply delete your invitation on the website. A reason for this is never mandatory.

If one or more travelers already follow your invitation, it would be fair though, to inform your guests of this in a personal chat as soon as possible. That is respectful and appreciative.

In general, there are no costs for our invitation network. Created invitations and all digital community activities are at triper free of charge.

However, when implementing an invitation any overhead costs (Entrance ticket for football game, concert, etc.) to be borne by all participants or are agreed among themselves in advance and are entirely up to the participants.

triper has absolutely no influence on this.

It is our service and our wish that latent hospitality around the world especially in these sometimes difficult times to (re)activate. Worldwide and anytime.

That's why we're building up this private invitation network , the commonplace grows with and through you.

It goes without saying that we earn money through advertising, paid features, merchandise and partner programs and this is necessary to continue this network proactive to design.

At the same time, however, access and use of the invitation network remains for everyone always free.

Because a network among like-minded people and friends, full of mindfulness and mutual appreciation is our greatest “profit” that we strive for at triper. 

Therefore - we look forward to seeing you.

More to ask?

If you still have more questions than answers, just send us an email.

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